Beyer Peacock


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TYWRM:BP001Beyer Peacock and Companysteam locomotivelocomotive; 0-4-0T; Beyer Peacock No.2817 'DOT'; 18in. gauge. file BP001.jpg
TYWRM:BP002Beyer Peacock and Companyprintlocomotive; 0-4-0T; Beyer Peacock No.2817 'DOT'; 18in. gauge. file BP001.jpg
TYWRM:BP003Beyer Peacock and CompanydrawingGA drawing of locomotive "Dot" together with letter from Beyer Peacock.

The company of Beyer, Peacock was formed in 1854 as a partnership of the German born Charles (formerly Karl) Beyer, Chief Engineer of Sharp, Roberts & Co., and Richard Peacock, General Manager of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway Company’s locomotive and carriage works at Gorton, Lancashire. The new company established a new factory adjacent to that formerly managed by Peacock.

In the following years, the company established itself as a leading manufacturer of locomotives of standard and narrow gauges for both the home and export markets.

‘Dot’ was manufactured by the company in 1887 to operate on the 1ft 6in gauge internal railway in the factory, and was used to move supplies and locomotive parts around the factory.

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