Manx Northern Railway

Gauge: 3ft (915mm)


Collection Objects

NumberRailwayObject TypeDescriptionImage
TYWRM:IOM004Manx Northern Railwaymodelmodel of Manx Northern Railway signal lever file IOM004.jpg
TYWRM:IOM005.1Manx Northern RailwaysignalMNR Semaphore signal with fishtail; from Ramsey file IOM005A.jpg
TYWRM:IOM005.2Manx Northern Railwaysignal lamplamp from MNR Semaphore signal IOM005 file IOM005-1.jpg
TYWRM:IOM019Manx Northern Railwayshare certificateManx Northern Railway Share Certificate No62 of 1880 file IOM019.jpg

The Manx Northern Railway opened a line from St.John’s to Ramsey in 1879, and operated the Foxdale Railway from St.John’s to Foxdale, opened in 1886 to serve silver-lead mines. Both were absorbed by the Isle of Man Railway in 1904.