Talyllyn Railway

Gauge: 2ft 3ins (685mm)


Collection Objects

NumberRailwayObject TypeDescriptionImage
TYWRM:MIS015Talyllyn RailwayticketAlbum of Talyllyn Railway tickets 1935 - 1970
TYWRM:MIS020Talyllyn Railwayticket45 Talyllyn Ry tickets
TYWRM:MIS021.1Talyllyn RailwayticketTalyllyn Railway ticket 0012; dated 4.6.1951. Dolgoch Half fare Return 1/- file MIS021-1.jpg
TYWRM:MIS021.2Talyllyn RailwayticketTalyllyn Railway ticket 9272; dated 10.8.1953. Wharf to Abergynolwyn Adult Return 2/6
TYWRM:MIS021.3Talyllyn RailwayticketTalyllyn Railway ticket 2237; dated 22.8.1962. Dolgoch Adult Single 2/-
TYWRM:MIS021.4Talyllyn RailwayticketTalyllyn Railway ticket 2239; dated 22.8.1962. Dolgoch Adult Single 2/-
TYWRM:MOD002Talyllyn Railwaymodel1/16 scale model of Talyllyn Railway locomotive "TALYLLYN" file MOD002.jpg
TYWRM:MOD006Talyllyn Railwaymodel5in gauge live steam model of Talyllyn Railway locomotive No. 4 "Edward Thomas". file MOD006.jpg
TYWRM:TR001Talyllyn Railwaywagon1 ton slate wagon file TR001-3.jpg
TYWRM:TR002Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway receipt book; c.1865 file TR002A.jpg
TYWRM:TR003Talyllyn RailwaypassLeather bound free pass issued to J.J.O'Sullivan; 1914 file TR003.jpg
TYWRM:TR004Talyllyn Railwaydating pressticket dating machine; marked "EDMUNDSONS PATENT No. 682" file TR004.jpg
TYWRM:TR006Talyllyn Railwaylampcandle lamp for use in carriages file TR006.jpg
TYWRM:TR007Talyllyn Railwaytimetablecard timetable; 1909 file TR007.jpg
TYWRM:TR008Talyllyn Railwayboardposter board; marked "TAL-Y-LLYN RAILWAY" file TR008.jpg
TYWRM:TR010Talyllyn Railwayrailsection of flat-bottom 44lb/yd wrought-iron rail; 36" long file TR010.jpg
TYWRM:TR011Talyllyn Railwayrail chaircast iron chair; carrying type. 1865 file TR011.jpg
TYWRM:TR012Talyllyn Railwayrail chaircast iron chair; joint type. 1865 file TR012.jpg
TYWRM:TR013Talyllyn Railwayrail chair2 side chairs for switch rails file TR013.jpg
TYWRM:TR015Talyllyn RailwayspikeIn 1976; the passenger service was extended from Abergynolwyn to Nant Gwernol over a relaid railway line. At the Opening Ceremony; this 'gold' spike was hammered into place to complete the work by Radio and TV personality Wynford Vaughn Thomas. file TR015.jpg
TYWRM:TR016Talyllyn Railwayturnoutturnout; complete; made up of original track materials from Village Incline top loop siding file TR016.jpg
TYWRM:TR017Talyllyn Railwaywagonmetal bodied incline wagon; 2' 3" gauge file TR017-1.jpg
TYWRM:TR018Talyllyn Railwayturntablewagon turntable; cast iron; marked "DUNN MANCHESTER" file TR018.jpg
TYWRM:TR019Talyllyn Railwaysilver salversilver salver presented to Edward Thomas on his retirement file TR019.jpg
TYWRM:TR020Talyllyn Railwaysaw bladeslate saw blade; circular file TR020.jpg
TYWRM:TR021Talyllyn Railwayprintstwo reproductions from Lowca catalogue file TR021.jpg
TYWRM:TR022Talyllyn Railwaynoticereproduction bye-law notice file TR022.jpg
TYWRM:TR023.1Talyllyn Railwaysleepersoftwood sleeper; half-round file TR023.jpg
TYWRM:TR023.2Talyllyn Railwayrailstwo short lengths bridge rail; associated with TR023.1 softwood sleeper; half-round file TR023-2.jpg
TYWRM:TR024Talyllyn Railwaytrack componentstwo short lengths BS40 lb/yd rails; two spikes and jarrah sleeper file TR024.jpg
TYWRM:TR025Talyllyn Railwayfishplate4 fishplates for use with original TR rails file TR025.jpg
TYWRM:TR026Talyllyn Railwayspacercheck rail spacer file TR026.jpg
TYWRM:TR027Talyllyn Railwaynumber platelocomotive number plate marked "4"; GWR style file TR027.jpg
TYWRM:TR028Talyllyn Railwayworks platereplica builder's plate marked "FLETCHER JENNINGS AND CO ENGINEERS Lowca Engine Works WHITEHAVEN" file TR028.jpg
TYWRM:TR029Talyllyn Railwaywagonslab trolley frame from Bryneglwys Quarry; 2' 3" gauge file TR029.jpg
TYWRM:TR030Talyllyn Railwayrelief mapRelief model of Talyllyn Ry and surrounds file TR030.jpg
TYWRM:TR031Talyllyn RailwayejectorGiesl ejector carried by TR loco No 4 Sept 1958 - 1969 file TR031.jpg
TYWRM:TR032Talyllyn RailwayspikeBryn Eglwys quarry spike file TR032.jpg
TYWRM:TR033Talyllyn Railwayheadboardheadboard CENTENARIAN file TR033.jpg
TYWRM:TR034Talyllyn Railwayheadboardheadboard CORONATION 1953 file TR034.jpg
TYWRM:TR035Talyllyn RailwayinjectorGiffard lifting injector from Loco No 1
TYWRM:TR036Talyllyn RailwaywagonThree bar TR slate wagon file TR036-1.jpg
TYWRM:TR037Talyllyn RailwayphotographFramed photo of conveyances at Talyllyn c.1911 file TR037.jpg
TYWRM:TR038Talyllyn RailwayplaqueBrass plaque from New Imperial Hotel commemorates founding of TRPS file TR038.jpg
TYWRM:TR039Talyllyn Railwaytelephone poleThe top section of a lineside telephone pole to carry open copper wires. The porcelain insulators are GWR type. This equipment was used in the 1960s and 1970s until it began to be replaced with multistrand insulated cable; most of which was buried along file TR039.jpg
TYWRM:TR040Talyllyn RailwayinjectorGiffard Lifting Injector originally fitted to Talyllyn Railway Locomotive No.1. The principle of the injector was patented by Henri Giffard in 1858 file TR040.jpg
TYWRM:TR041Talyllyn Railwayflag standGeneral Manager's flag and lamp stand file TR041.jpg
TYWRM:TR042Talyllyn RailwaystaffWharf - Pendre miniature electric train staff file TR042.jpg
TYWRM:TR043Talyllyn Railwayheadboardheadboard Royal Train file TR043.jpg
TYWRM:TR044Talyllyn Railwayheadboardheadboard Royal Train Pilot file TR044.jpg
TYWRM:TR045Talyllyn Railwayaxleboxaxlebox with bolts found on Cantrybedd incline file TR045.jpg
TYWRM:TR046Talyllyn RailwaywagonCovered van based on body lying at Rhydyronen to 1997 file TR046-2.jpg
TYWRM:TR047Talyllyn Railwaywinding drumAbergynolwyn Village Incline Winding Drum file TR047.jpg
TYWRM:TR048Talyllyn RailwayturntableAbergynolwyn Village Incline Top Wagon Turntable file TR048.jpg
TYWRM:TR049Talyllyn Railwaytimetable1912 July to Sept timetable; blue card cover; description of line; advertisements and four photos file TR049.jpg
TYWRM:TR049.2Talyllyn Railwaytimetable1912 July to Sept timetable; blue card cover; description of line; advertisements and four photos file TR049-2.jpg
TYWRM:TR050Talyllyn RailwaystaffPendre - Abergynolwyn wooden train staff 1952 file TR050.jpg
TYWRM:TR052Talyllyn RailwaychainAlltwyllt Incline haulage chain for attaching wagons to steel rope file TR052.jpg
TYWRM:TR053Talyllyn Railwayheadboardheadboard Nant Gwernol Opening Train file TR053.jpg
TYWRM:TR054Talyllyn RailwaycylinderOriginal cylinder from TR loco No 1 "Talyllyn" file TR054.jpg
TYWRM:TR055Talyllyn RailwaybuffersBuffers from TR loco No 1 "Talyllyn" file TR055.jpg
TYWRM:TR056Talyllyn RailwaystrapWindow Strap holder; marked "Brown Marshall and Co; Builders" file TR056.jpg
TYWRM:TR057Talyllyn Railwaysignsign; PENDRE STATION; double sided file TR057.jpg
TYWRM:TR058Talyllyn Railwayboardcarriage board;two piece; for Nant Gwernol opening file TR058.jpg
TYWRM:TR059Talyllyn Railwaytapesopening ceremony tapes; 14 May 1951; 14 May 2002; 22 May 1976
TYWRM:TR060Talyllyn Railwaystaff and ticketsBrynglas - Abergynolwyn staff with detachable tickets file TR060.jpg
TYWRM:TR061Talyllyn Railwaystaff and ticketsBrynglas - Quarry Siding staff with detachable tickets file TR061.jpg
TYWRM:TR062Talyllyn Railwaystaff and ticketsQuarry Siding - Abergynolwyn staff with detachable tickets file TR062.jpg
TYWRM:TR063Talyllyn Railwaystaff ticketspare detachable ticket for TR062 file TR063.jpg
TYWRM:TR064Talyllyn RailwaywagonTwo bar braked slate wagon file TR064-1.jpg
TYWRM:TR065Talyllyn Railwaybufferstwo buffers from locomotive no. 1 file TR065.jpg
TYWRM:TR066Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTimetable card for 1932; with hanging string file TR066.jpg
TYWRM:TR067.1Talyllyn Railwaypistonoriginal piston from locomotive no. 1 file TR067.jpg
TYWRM:TR067.2Talyllyn Railwaypistonoriginal piston from locomotive no. 1 file TR067.jpg
TYWRM:TR068Talyllyn RailwaynoticeFramed TR.T6 notice signed by Earl of Northesk file TR068.jpg
TYWRM:TR069Talyllyn Railwaygoods receipts50 goods receipt forms file TR069.jpg
TYWRM:TR071.1Talyllyn Railwayworks plateWorks plate carried by locomotive No.1 for several years; rebuilt by Gibbons Bros Ltd 1957-58 file TR071-1.jpg
TYWRM:TR071.2Talyllyn Railwayworks plateWorks plate carried by locomotive No.1 for several years; rebuilt by Gibbons Bros Ltd 1957-58 file TR071-2.jpg
TYWRM:TR072Talyllyn Railwaynameplatelocomotive nameplate formerly on 86 258 file TR072.jpg
TYWRM:TR072.2Talyllyn Railwaynameplatelocomotive nameplate formerly on 86 258 file TR072-2.jpg
TYWRM:TR073Talyllyn RailwaybadgeTalyllyn Badge formerly on locomotive 86 258 file TR073.jpg
TYWRM:TR075Talyllyn Railwaylocomotive works plateA memorial plate carried by Talyllyn Railway Locomotive No.4 in memory of David; 11th Earl of Northesk; President of the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society from 1952 until his death in 1963. file TR075.jpg
TYWRM:TR076.1Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway Timetable; undated; with handwritten note by Edward Thomas "1950. Time table June 5th to October 9th inclusive" file TR076-1.jpg
TYWRM:TR076.2Talyllyn RailwayletterLetter; written on Talyllyn Railway Company notepaper; dated 11th July 1950 re Railway Timetable. file TR076-2.jpg
TYWRM:TR077.1Talyllyn Railwayticketticket; pre-1948 series; white; no. 364; Third Class Single fare (8d) Dolgoch to Towyn file TR077-1.jpg
TYWRM:TR077.2Talyllyn Railwayticketticket; rare 1948 -1951 series; brick red; no. 084; Third Class Return fare (1/-) Towyn Wharf to Rhydyronen file TR077-2.jpg
TYWRM:TR077.3Talyllyn Railwayticketticket; rare 1948 -1951 series; brick red; no. 100; Third Class Return fare (1/3d) Abergynolwyn to Rhydyronen file TR077-3.jpg
TYWRM:TR077.4Talyllyn Railwayticketticket; 1951 series; grey with green line; no. 0499; Third Class Half Single fare (8d) Towyn Wharf to Dolgoch file TR077-4.jpg
TYWRM:TR077.5Talyllyn Railwayticketticket; rare 1948-1951 series; white with unusual dots; rather than a line; dividing the halves. No. 047; Third Class Return fare (2/3d) Towyn Pendre to Abergynolwyn file TR077-5.jpg
TYWRM:TR078Talyllyn Railwaywagonreplica slate wagon; two bar type; built 2005 incorporating original axle boxes; wheel sets and draw bar. file TR078.jpg
TYWRM:TR079.1Talyllyn Railwayticket dating pressticket dating press by Edmondson of Carlisle; No. 678 file TR079.jpg
TYWRM:TR079.2Talyllyn Railwayticket dating pressPerpetual set of Dating Press Type 'Great Primer' file TR079.jpg
TYWRM:TR079.3Talyllyn Railwayticket dating pressWooden box of ticket press dating type file TR079-3.jpg
TYWRM:TR080.1Talyllyn RailwayinsigniaTRPS badge file TR080.jpg
TYWRM:TR080.2Talyllyn RailwayinsigniaTRPS tieclip file TR080.jpg
TYWRM:TR081Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway timetable for 1909; pink card. file TR081.jpg
TYWRM:TR081.2Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway timetable for 1909; pink card. file TR081.jpg
TYWRM:TR082Talyllyn Railwayticket4no. Talyllyn Railway tickets. i. No.0073 Abergynolwyn to Pendre half fare 9d ii. No. 752 Brynglas to Towyn half fare 3d iii. No.116 Towyn to Rhydyronen 4d iv. No.961 Wharf to Dolgoch 1/3d
TYWRM:TR083Talyllyn RailwaytankardCommemorative tankard in Bristol blue glass celebrating the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society 50th Anniversary 1950-2000. file TR083.jpg
TYWRM:TR084.1Talyllyn Railwayticket100no. Talyllyn Railway card tickets
TYWRM:TR084.2Talyllyn Railwayticket6no. Talyllyn Railway First Class Supplementary tickets
TYWRM:TR084.3Talyllyn Railwayticket1no. Talyllyn Railway paper ticket
TYWRM:TR084.4Talyllyn Railwayticket10no. Talyllyn Railway Break of Series Cards
TYWRM:TR085Talyllyn RailwaytimetableEight-page booklet with green covers for period July; August and September 1896 file TR085-1.jpg
TYWRM:TR086Talyllyn RailwayticketFive Talyllyn Railway tickets
TYWRM:TR087.1Talyllyn RailwayticketNine British Railways Excursion tickets to Towyn file TR087B.jpg
TYWRM:TR087.2Talyllyn RailwayticketTalyllyn Railway paper ticket 3598 file TR087A.jpg
TYWRM:TR087.3Talyllyn Railwayhandbill10 leaflets and handbills about excursions from Yorkshire to Towyn file TR087D.jpg
TYWRM:TR088Talyllyn Railwayshovel1 shovel found at Bryn Eglwys file TR088.jpg
TYWRM:TR089Talyllyn Railwayname signstation name sign "Hendy" file TR089.jpg
TYWRM:TR090Talyllyn Railwayname signstation name sign "Pendre" file TR090.jpg
TYWRM:TR091Talyllyn RailwayheadboardPainted headboard used on TR AGM specials on main line file TR091.jpg
TYWRM:TR092Talyllyn Railwaywagon labelWagon labels for carriage of TR locos on BR wagons file TR092A.jpg
TYWRM:TR093Talyllyn RailwayticketSouvenir metal ticket for Nant Gwernol opening file TR093.jpg
TYWRM:TR094Talyllyn Railwaypatternnameplate pattern for locomotive Talyllyn
TYWRM:TR095Talyllyn Railwaypatternnameplate pattern for locomotive Midlander
TYWRM:TR096Talyllyn Railwaypatternnameplate pattern for locomotive Midlander
TYWRM:TR097Talyllyn Railwayname signSign "Talyllyn Railway - To Dolgoch Station" file TR097.jpg
TYWRM:TR098Talyllyn RailwaypaperweightGlass paperweight "Dolgoch Bridge Nr Towyn" file TR098.jpg
TYWRM:TR099Talyllyn RailwaypassTRPS life members free travel pass No. 2; issued to the late J F Parker. These were a limited edition set of 200 issued in 1974 to life members paying an increased membership fee. file TR099A.jpg
TYWRM:TR099.2Talyllyn RailwaypassTRPS life member free travel pass No. 133; issued to the late J.L.Crees file TR099-2.jpg
TYWRM:TR100Talyllyn Railwayrule bookFacsimile Talyllyn Railway Rules and Regulations 1881 file TR100.jpg
TYWRM:TR101Talyllyn Railwaycarriage destination boardDestination board carried on carriages on "fast services" showing Dolgoch & Abergynolwyn Only" on one side; and Dolgoch & Wharf Only" on the reverse. file TR101-1.jpg
TYWRM:TR102Talyllyn Railwaygramophone record33 1/3 rpm LP record "The Old Lady drives to Dolgoch" file TR102.jpg
TYWRM:TR102.2Talyllyn Railwaygramophone recordgramophone record; 331/3 rpm LP600 "The Old Lady drives to Dolgoch" by Bill Hartley; recorded in 1960 file TR102-2.jpg
TYWRM:TR103Talyllyn RailwayplacematSouvenir TR placemat; colour; Loco 1 and carriages 10 and 9 at Wharf file TR103.jpg
TYWRM:TR104Talyllyn RailwayplateOrnamental copper effect plate with TR crest file TR104.jpg
TYWRM:TR105Talyllyn RailwayplacematPlacemat; chromium plated with green fabric back; with TR badge file TR105.jpg
TYWRM:TR106Talyllyn Railwaypoints clipTR point clip file TR106A.jpg
TYWRM:TR107Talyllyn Railwayprice listPrice List for Abergynolwyn Slate Quarries Co.; Bryn-Yr-Eglwys and Cantrybedd Quarries; for slates delivered to Wharf 1908 file TR107A.jpg
TYWRM:TR107.2Talyllyn Railwayprice listPrice List for Abergynolwyn Slate Quarries Co.; Bryn-Yr-Eglwys and Cantrybedd Quarries; for slates delivered to Wharf 1908 file TR107-2.jpg
TYWRM:TR108Talyllyn RailwayweighbridgeWagon weighbridge ex Talyllyn Railway Wharf Station file TR108.6.jpg
TYWRM:TR109Talyllyn RailwaycrockeryBlue Slipware Jug "Talyllyn Railway" approx half pint size file TR109.jpg
TYWRM:TR110Talyllyn RailwaycrockeryBlue Pottery Jug "Talyllyn Railway" approx 1 pint size file TR110.jpg
TYWRM:TR111Talyllyn RailwaycrockeryPottery Egg Cup floral design "Talyllyn Railway" file TR111.jpg
TYWRM:TR112Talyllyn Railwayglasstall glass with TR Centenary transfer file TR112.jpg
TYWRM:TR113Talyllyn RailwaybookPaperback booklet with recipes submitted by TR members file TR113.jpg
TYWRM:TR114Talyllyn RailwaytrayMetal drinks tray with illustrations of 5 locomotives file TR114.jpg
TYWRM:TR115Talyllyn RailwaycrockeryPottery plate commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society file TR115.jpg
TYWRM:TR116Talyllyn RailwaycrockeryPlate with picture of TR locomotive No.4 and inscription file TR116.jpg
TYWRM:TR117Talyllyn Railwayinformation boardNant Gwernol Extension Appeal Board with plan of the line and provision for a donation box
TYWRM:TR118Talyllyn RailwayplaquePottery plaque with metal edge file TR118.jpg
TYWRM:TR119Talyllyn RailwaytrayDiamond shaped glass pintray with transfer print file TR119.jpg
TYWRM:TR120Talyllyn RailwaynoticeFirst Class supplementary fare notice file TR120.jpg
TYWRM:TR121Talyllyn Railwaydoor haspDoor hasp from the former South side doors on TR Van 5.
TYWRM:TR122Talyllyn RailwayheadboardHeadboard used on Talyllyn Railway June 1993 for the University of Wales; Aberystwyth; Railway and Transport Society (RATS)
TYWRM:TR123Talyllyn Railwayfiring shovelPresentation firing shovel to mark Locomotive Dolgoch return to service 14 May 2011 file TR123.jpg
TYWRM:TR124Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTimetable for July and August 1892 (with hand amendment to include September) file TR124.jpg
TYWRM:TR125Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Official Guide Book c.1958 file TR125.jpg
TYWRM:TR125.2Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Official Guide Book c.1958 file TR125.jpg
TYWRM:TR126Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway Timetable for 1958 file TR126.jpg
TYWRM:TR126.2Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway Timetable for 1958 file TR126.jpg
TYWRM:TR127Talyllyn RailwaycrockeryTalyllyn Railway china cup with company crest c1970 file TR127.jpg
TYWRM:TR128Talyllyn Railwayhorse brassHorse Brass depicting locomotive No. 2 Dolgoch; found in a field near Welshpool file TR128.jpg
TYWRM:TR129Talyllyn Railwaygramophone recordArgo Transacord 45rpm record ZFA153 "Talyllyn Trains" file TR129.jpg
TYWRM:TR130Talyllyn RailwayticketCollection of 93 Talyllyn Railway tickets dating from around 1966; unused.
TYWRM:TR131Talyllyn RailwayticketCollection of 27 Talyllyn Railway tickets 1965 - 1972; dated and used
TYWRM:TR132Talyllyn RailwayticketCollection of 17 Talyllyn Railway tickets 1957 - 1963; mostly dated and used
TYWRM:TR133Talyllyn RailwayticketCollection of 25 Talyllyn Railway tickets 1997 - 2009; mostly dated and used
TYWRM:TR134Talyllyn RailwayticketCollection of 15 Talyllyn Railway tickets 1952 - 1955; dated and used
TYWRM:TR135Talyllyn RailwayticketCollection of 14 Talyllyn Railway tickets 1952 - 1960; dated and used
TYWRM:TR136Talyllyn RailwaybookPictorial book of the Talyllyn Railway; published in the 1950s. Book No1. file TR136.jpg
TYWRM:TR137Talyllyn Railwayuniform buttonsA set of 7 Talyllyn Railway Company uniform buttons issued until the late 1980s. Manufactured by Firmin of London. file TR137.jpg
TYWRM:TR138Talyllyn Railwayseal"Talyllyn Railway Engineering Limited" seal with hand embosser.
TYWRM:TR139Talyllyn Railwaypin trayBrass Talyllyn Railway pin tray with embossed locomotive No.2.
TYWRM:TR140Talyllyn Railwayneedle caseTalyllyn Railway needle case with picture of Abergynolwyn on front
TYWRM:TR141Talyllyn RailwaymedallionSilver Talyllyn Railway 125th anniversary medallion July 5th 1990; in plastic case
TYWRM:TR142Talyllyn Railwaytie pins4 brass Talyllyn Railway tie pins.
TYWRM:TR143Talyllyn Railwaycarriage destination boardCarriage destination board "All this coach is reserved" file TR143A.jpg
TYWRM:TR144Talyllyn Railwaytrain staffSingle line train staff for Carrog Temporary Narrow Gauge Railway at "Steel; Steam and Stars III"; April 2012. This line was mixed gauge 1ft 11 1/2in and 2ft 3in; and featured Festiniog Railway locomotive "Palmerston" and Talyllyn Railway locomotive "Dol file TR144.jpg
TYWRM:TR145Talyllyn RailwayleafletMidland Red Leaflet advertising day road and rail tours to Towyn; Dolgogh and Talyllyn Lake from the Midlands 1956 file TR145A.jpg
TYWRM:TR146Talyllyn RailwaypennantTalyllyn Railway hanging pennant featuring locomotive No.1 and showing incorporated 1865 file TR146.jpg
TYWRM:TR147Talyllyn RailwaynoticeTalyllyn Railway transfer print for Glyn Valley Tramway Coach supplementary fare; c1960s file TR147.jpg
TYWRM:TR148Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Official Guide Book 1955 autographed by the Earl of Northesk file TR148.jpg
TYWRM:TR148.2Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Official Guide Book 1955 file TR148-2.jpg
TYWRM:TR149Talyllyn RailwaywagonTR wagon no 19; 2' 3" gauge; chassis previously original locomotive no5
TYWRM:TR150Talyllyn Railwayrailway letterCollection of First Day Covers for Talyllyn Railway Letter Service 1965 - 1982
TYWRM:TR151Talyllyn RailwaystickerWindow sticker celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society file TR151.jpg
TYWRM:TR152Talyllyn RailwaytransferTransfer prints of crest commemorating the centenary of the Talyllyn Railway file TR152.jpg
TYWRM:TR153Talyllyn Railwayaudio tapeAudio tape of Locomotive No 1 on a train
TYWRM:TR154Talyllyn Railwayticket8 TR tickets collected by G R Stone
TYWRM:TR155Talyllyn Railwayticket15 TR tickets 1968 issue collected by R Hill-Cottingham
TYWRM:TR156Talyllyn Railwayticket12 TR tickets pre 1968 issue collected by R Hill-Cottingham
TYWRM:TR157Talyllyn Railwayticket7 TR tickets collected by B Murkett
TYWRM:TR158Talyllyn Railwayticket3 TR tickets collected by M Woodman
TYWRM:TR159Talyllyn Railwayticket14 TR tickets collected by A Bosi
TYWRM:TR160Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway centenary year guide book for Towyn and the Talyllyn Railway; 1965 file TR160A.jpg
TYWRM:TR161Talyllyn RailwaycrockeryPlate with red border and TR Co. crest file TR161.jpg
TYWRM:TR162Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Official Guide Book with 1953 timetable file TR162.jpg
TYWRM:TR163Talyllyn RailwayprintPrint "Top of the Line - No3 at Nant Gwernol". Limited Edition 4/150; signed by the artist.
TYWRM:TR164Talyllyn RailwaybadgeTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society lapel badge celebrating 21 years of operation 1951 - 1972 file TR164.jpg
TYWRM:TR165Talyllyn RailwayawardQueen's Award for Voluntary Service and Accompanying Certificate presented to the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society on 26th July 2013 file TR165A.jpg
TYWRM:TR166Talyllyn Railwayarmorial deviceTalyllyn Railway Company crest file TR166.jpg
TYWRM:TR167Talyllyn Railwayrailway letterRailway letter posted in 1965 marking the centenary of the Talyllyn Railway file TR167.jpg
TYWRM:TR167.2Talyllyn Railwayrailway letterTalyllyn Railway Centenary First Day Cover file TR167-2.jpg
TYWRM:TR168Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway timetable undated; with handwritten amendments by Edward Thomas file TR168.jpg
TYWRM:TR169Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway card pocket timetable for 1958 file TR169A.jpg
TYWRM:TR169.2Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway card pocket timetable for 1958 file TR169A.jpg
TYWRM:TR170Talyllyn RailwaycrockeryTalyllyn Railway blue pottery cream jug approx 1/4 pint file TR170.jpg
TYWRM:TR171Talyllyn RailwaycrockeryTalyllyn Railway blue pottery bowl file TR171.jpg
TYWRM:TR172Talyllyn RailwayvaseTalyllyn Railway blue pottery vase file TR172.jpg
TYWRM:TR173Talyllyn RailwaytrayTalyllyn Railway wooden tray with pottery tiles of three locomotives file TR173.jpg
TYWRM:TR174Talyllyn Railwayfence postAn original TR wooden fence post from the early days of the TR found at Quarry Siding. This pre-dates the use of slate fencing. file TR174.jpg
TYWRM:TR175Talyllyn Railwaytread plateA tread plate from the 3ft gauge bogie carriage ex Boden's Stone; Derbyshire; built by Kerr Stuart & Co Ltd; London. The carriage was acquired by the Talyllyn Railway in 1957. file TR175.jpg
TYWRM:TR176Talyllyn Railwayadvertising posterTalyllyn Railway poster depicting Locomotive No.6 at Dolgoch Station file TR176.jpg
TYWRM:TR177Talyllyn Railwayadvertising posterPoster advertising the Talyllyn Railway based on the Eric Bottomley print of Loco No.2 and train at Nant Gwernol file TR177.jpg
TYWRM:TR178Talyllyn RailwayticketCollection of 103 TR tickets representing one from each series last issued on 7 July 2013 with change over to computer generated tickets the following day.
TYWRM:TR179Talyllyn RailwayticketCollection of 250 TR tickets from the collection of A.C.White
TYWRM:TR180Talyllyn RailwaybookPictorial book of the Talyllyn Railway; published in the 1950s. Book No2. file TR180.jpg
TYWRM:TR181Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway Timetable for 1957 file TR181.jpg
TYWRM:TR182.1Talyllyn Railwayadvertising posterReproduction of the Cuneo oil painting of Talyllyn Railway locomotive "Dolgoch" on Dolgoch Viaduct with blank area for additional information. file TR182.jpg
TYWRM:TR182.2Talyllyn Railwayadvertising posterReproduction of the Cuneo oil painting of Talyllyn Railway locomotive "Dolgoch" on Dolgoch Viaduct with blank area for additional information. file TR182.jpg
TYWRM:TR183Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway card pocket timetable for 1957 file TR183A.jpg
TYWRM:TR184Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway card pocket timetable for 1962 file TR184A.jpg
TYWRM:TR185Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Handbook c1977 file TR185.jpg
TYWRM:TR186Talyllyn RailwayphotographFramed photograph of Talyllyn Railway locomotive No1 at Gibbons Brothers works on the occasion of its handback to the railway following a major rebuild in 1957-8. file TR186.jpg
TYWRM:TR187Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Guide Book c1957 file TR187.jpg
TYWRM:TR188Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Guide Book c1970 file TR188.jpg
TYWRM:TR189Talyllyn RailwaystaffTalyllyn Railway Pendre to Brynglas metal train staff dating from the 1950s file TR189.jpg
TYWRM:TR190.1Talyllyn RailwaybadgeTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society Car Badge with bar fixing file TR190-1.jpg
TYWRM:TR190.2Talyllyn RailwaybadgeTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society Car Badge file TR190-2.jpg
TYWRM:TR191Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Guide Book c1995 file TR191.jpg
TYWRM:TR192Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway 125 Anniversary Guide Book 1990 file TR192.jpg
TYWRM:TR193Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Souvenir Guide Book c1980 file TR193.jpg
TYWRM:TR194Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Official Guide c1959 file TR194.jpg
TYWRM:TR195Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Guide Book c2000 file TR195.jpg
TYWRM:TR196Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Guide Book c2003 file TR196.jpg
TYWRM:TR197Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Souvenir Guide Book c1979 file TR197.jpg
TYWRM:TR198Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Handbook c1983 file TR198.jpg
TYWRM:TR199Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Handbook c1994 file TR199.jpg
TYWRM:TR200Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Official Guide Book with timetable for 1952 file TR200.jpg
TYWRM:TR201Talyllyn RailwayticketTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society 50th Anniversary Dinner ticket 7 October 2000
TYWRM:TR202Talyllyn Railwayticket6 Talyllyn Railway Platform tickets
TYWRM:TR203Talyllyn Railwayticket104 Talyllyn Railway tickets
TYWRM:TR204Talyllyn Railwayticket3 Talyllyn Railway paper tickets
TYWRM:TR205Talyllyn Railwayticket1 Talyllyn Railway open day ticket 1 May 2000
TYWRM:TR206Talyllyn Railwayticket23 Talyllyn Railway tickets printed by J P Bell
TYWRM:TR207Talyllyn Railwayticket14 Talyllyn Railway tickets printed by A C White
TYWRM:TR208Talyllyn Railwayticket28 Talyllyn Railway tickets Midsummer Nights Steam June 1990
TYWRM:TR209Talyllyn RailwaywagonTalyllyn Railway wagon No.6 underframe file TR209.jpg
TYWRM:TR210Talyllyn RailwaywagonTalyllyn Railway wagon No.7 underframe file TR210.jpg
TYWRM:TR211Talyllyn RailwaywagonTalyllyn Railway wagon No.8. Open end door wagon. file TR211.jpg
TYWRM:TR212Talyllyn RailwaywagonTalyllyn Railway wagon No.9 underframe
TYWRM:TR213Talyllyn RailwaywagonTalyllyn Railway wagon No.13. Open end door wagon. file TR213.jpg
TYWRM:TR214Talyllyn RailwaywagonTalyllyn Railway wagon No.14. Open end door body only. file TR213.jpg
TYWRM:TR215Talyllyn RailwaywagonTalyllyn Railway wagon No.15; ex Corris No.16. Open end door wagon with brakes. file TR215.jpg
TYWRM:TR216Talyllyn RailwaywagonTalyllyn Railway incline wagon body file TR210.jpg
TYWRM:TR217Talyllyn RailwaystampTalyllyn Railway Centenary rubber stamp 1865 - 1965 file TR217.jpg
TYWRM:TR218Talyllyn RailwayleafletMidland Red & Talyllyn Railway excursion leaflet 1963 file TR218.jpg
TYWRM:TR219Talyllyn RailwaystickerPad of gummed adhesive advertising stickers early 1960s file TR219.jpg
TYWRM:TR220Talyllyn RailwaypostcardFour historical series postcards issued by the Talyllyn Railway; TH121; Th122; TH123; and TH124 file TR220.jpg
TYWRM:TR221Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway timetable handbill for 1965 file TR221.jpg
TYWRM:TR222Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway Centenary Celebrations 1965 - Programme of Events file TR222A.jpg
TYWRM:TR223Talyllyn RailwaybookletTalyllyn Railway Centenary Thanksgiving Service 4th July 1965 file TR223.jpg
TYWRM:TR224Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway card pocket timetable for 1960 file TR224A.jpg
TYWRM:TR225Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway timetable for 1959 file TR225.jpg
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TYWRM:TR227Talyllyn Railwayrailway letterTalyllyn Railway 100 years of Passenger Service First Day Cover file TR227.jpg
TYWRM:TR228Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway timetable for July to September 1927 cut out from a guide book. file TR228.jpg
TYWRM:TR229Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society membership leaflet from 1951. file TR229A.jpg
TYWRM:TR230Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway timetable c1950 file TR230.jpg
TYWRM:TR231Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway pocket timetable for 1971 file TR231A.jpg
TYWRM:TR232Talyllyn RailwaylabelTalyllyn Railway Parcels Label file TR232.jpg
TYWRM:TR233Talyllyn RailwayheadboardTalyllyn Railway locomotive headboard "Dolgoch & Abergynolwyn Only" and "Dolgoch & Wharf Only" file TR233A.jpg
TYWRM:TR234Talyllyn Railwaytimetable posterTalyllyn Railway timetable poster for 1964 file TR234.jpg
TYWRM:TR235Talyllyn RailwaypaintingPainting by Jonathan Clay of Talyllyn Railway Locomotive No.2 at Dolgoch file TR235.jpg
TYWRM:TR236Talyllyn RailwaycalendarTalyllyn Railway Hanging calendar for 1963 file TR236.jpg
TYWRM:TR237Talyllyn RailwaycalendarTalyllyn Railway Hanging calendar for 1964 file TR237.jpg
TYWRM:TR238Talyllyn RailwaycalendarTalyllyn Railway Hanging calendar for 1965 file TR238.jpg
TYWRM:TR239Talyllyn RailwaycalendarTalyllyn Railway Hanging calendar for 1966 file TR239.jpg
TYWRM:TR240Talyllyn RailwaycalendarTalyllyn Railway Hanging calendar for 1967 file TR240.jpg
TYWRM:TR241Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Official Guide Book c1954 file TR241.jpg
TYWRM:TR241.2Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Official Guide Book c1954 signed by Alan Garraway. Includes A.G.W.G membership cards for 1951; 1952 and 1954 file TR241-2.jpg
TYWRM:TR242Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Official Guide Book c1963 file TR242.jpg
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TYWRM:TR247Talyllyn RailwayhandbillTalyllyn Railway Timetable 20th may to 29th September 1961 file TR247.jpg
TYWRM:TR248Talyllyn RailwaybookletCeremonial Opening Booklet for Talyllyn Railway Extension May 22nd 1976 file TR248.jpg
TYWRM:TR249.1Talyllyn Railwayleaflet Talyllyn Railway Extension Special Leaflet for London to Tywyn train in conjunction with opening file TR249-1.jpg
TYWRM:TR249.2Talyllyn Railwayletter Talyllyn Railway Extension Special letter for London to Tywyn train in conjunction with opening file TR249-2.jpg
TYWRM:TR249.3Talyllyn Railwayticket Talyllyn Railway Extension Special ticket for London to Tywyn train in conjunction with opening file TR249-3.jpg
TYWRM:TR250Talyllyn Railwayrailway letterFirst Day Cover for the opening of the Nant Gwernol Extension Opened 22nd May 1976 file TR250.jpg
TYWRM:TR251Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway Nant Gwernol Project file TR251.jpg
TYWRM:TR252Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway Nant Gwernol Footbridge Ceremonial Opening 1980 file TR252.jpg
TYWRM:TR253Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway Nant Gwernol Forest Walks 1980 file TR253.jpg
TYWRM:TR254Talyllyn RailwaycertificateTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society Framed Certificate Prince of Wales Award for Nant Gwernol Footpath 1980 file TR254.jpg
TYWRM:TR255Talyllyn Railwayprice listPrice List for Abergynolwyn Slate Quarries Co.; Bryn-Yr-Eglwys and Cantrybedd Quarries; for slates delivered to Wharf 1888 file TR255.jpg
TYWRM:TR256Talyllyn Railwayprice listPrice List for Abergynolwyn Slate Quarries Co.; Bryn-Yr-Eglwys and Cantrybedd Quarries; for slates delivered to Wharf 1887 file TR256.jpg
TYWRM:TR257Talyllyn Railwayprice listPrice List for Abergynolwyn Slate Quarries Co.; Bryn-Yr-Eglwys and Cantrybedd Quarries; for slates delivered to Wharf 1879 file TR257.jpg
TYWRM:TR258Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Timetable 1912 file TR258.jpg
TYWRM:TR259Talyllyn RailwaybookletTalyllyn Railway Company First Giesl Ejector Front End in Great Britain booklet 1958 file TR259.jpg
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TYWRM:TR264Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway pocket Working Time Table and instructions 1976 file TR264.jpg
TYWRM:TR265Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway Train Services 1975 pocket timetable file TR265.jpg
TYWRM:TR266Talyllyn RailwaybadgeTalyllyn Railway Company cast metal crest file TR266.jpg
TYWRM:TR267Talyllyn RailwayletterMemorandum between the Master of the ship "Elizabeth" and the Abergynolwyn Slate Co. July 1868 file TR267.jpg
TYWRM:TR268Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Handbook 1968 file TR268.jpg
TYWRM:TR269Talyllyn RailwaypostcardSet of five historic photographic postcards of the Talyllyn Railway in the early 1950s file TR269.jpg
TYWRM:TR270Talyllyn RailwayleafletMidland Red & Talyllyn Railway excursion leaflet 1959 file TR270.jpg
TYWRM:TR271Talyllyn RailwaypostcardSet of six postcards of the Talyllyn Railway by Dalkeith Publishing file TR271.jpg
TYWRM:TR272Talyllyn RailwaypostcardPostcard of Talyllyn Railway locomotive Dolgoch at Abergynolwyn Station file TR272.jpg
TYWRM:TR273Talyllyn RailwaychimneyLocomotive chimney from Talyllyn Railway locomotive No.2 Dolgoch file TR273.jpg
TYWRM:TR274Talyllyn RailwayrodLocomotive coupling and connecting rods from Talyllyn Railway locomotive No.1 Talyllyn file TR274.jpg
TYWRM:TR275Talyllyn RailwayboardNameboard for Towyn Pendre Station; minus letters. file TR275.jpg
TYWRM:TR276Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Guide Book c1956 file TR276.jpg
TYWRM:TR277Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway pocket timetable for 1970 file TR277A.jpg
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TYWRM:TR280Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Handbook c1990 file TR280.jpg
TYWRM:TR281Talyllyn RailwayrelayTalyllyn Railway Mark 2 Remote Operator for key token machines. These allowed a token to be withdrawn without a person present at the other end of the token section. file TR281.jpg
TYWRM:TR282Talyllyn Railwayadvertising posterTalyllyn Railway advertising poster based on the Eric Bottomley print. file TR282.jpg
TYWRM:TR283Talyllyn RailwaygobletCommemorative goblet in Bristol blue glass celebrating the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society 50th Anniversary 1950-2000. file TR283.jpg
TYWRM:TR284Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway hanging card timetable for 1975 file TR284.jpg
TYWRM:TR285Talyllyn Railwayworks plateOriginal works plate from Talyllyn Railway locomotive No.1 file TR285.jpg
TYWRM:TR286Talyllyn Railwaytimetable posterTalyllyn Railway timetable poster for 1982 file TR286.jpg
TYWRM:TR287Talyllyn Railwaytimetable posterTalyllyn Railway timetable poster for 1983 file TR287.jpg
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TYWRM:TR291Talyllyn RailwaycalendarTalyllyn Railway hanging calendar for 1969 file TR291.jpg
TYWRM:TR292Talyllyn RailwaycalendarTalyllyn Railway hanging calendar for 1980 file TR292.jpg
TYWRM:TR293Talyllyn RailwaycalendarTalyllyn Railway hanging calendar for 1981 file TR293.jpg
TYWRM:TR294Talyllyn RailwayticketTwo albums of Talyllyn Railway tickets
TYWRM:TR295Talyllyn RailwayglassGlass tumbler with large Talyllyn Railway Centenary crest file TR295.jpg
TYWRM:TR296Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway & Narrow Gauge Railway Museum leaflet c1980 with description of railway and museum. file TR296.jpg
TYWRM:TR297Talyllyn RailwayhandbillTalyllyn Railway 'Sir Handel' handbill with dates and train times for 1983. file TR297.jpg
TYWRM:TR298Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway Easter train service timetable 1964 file TR298.jpg
TYWRM:TR299Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway pocket timetable 1970 file TR299.jpg
TYWRM:TR300Talyllyn Railwayleaflet1982 tri-fold A5 leaflet 'All about the Talyllyn Railway' containing facts about the railway. file TR300.jpg
TYWRM:TR301Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway tri-fold timetable and information leaflet for 1988. file TR301.jpg
TYWRM:TR302Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway Welsh language leaflet with a history of the railway. file TR302.jpg
TYWRM:TR303Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway tri-fold TRPS membership leaflet dated 1974. file TR303.jpg
TYWRM:TR304Talyllyn RailwaybookletTalyllyn Railway Air Brake Instructions dated 1998. file TR304.jpg
TYWRM:TR305Talyllyn Railwayworks plateWorks plate carried by locomotive No.2 for several years; rebuilt by Gibbons Bros Ltd 1962-3 file TR305.jpg
TYWRM:TR306Talyllyn Railwayadvertising posterTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society poster "Can a railway have a heart of gold" file TR306.jpg
TYWRM:TR307Talyllyn Railwayadvertising posterTalyllyn Railway "Sir Handel invites you to join him at Tywyn in 1983" file TR307.jpg
TYWRM:TR308Talyllyn Railwayadvertising posterTalyllyn Railway "Come and ride behind Sir Handel" dated 1982 file TR308.jpg
TYWRM:TR309Talyllyn Railwayadvertising posterTalyllyn Railway information poster undated c1960s file TR309.jpg
TYWRM:TR310Talyllyn Railwayadvertising posterTalyllyn Railway information poster undated c1970 file TR310.jpg
TYWRM:TR311Talyllyn Railwayadvertising posterTalyllyn Railway advertising poster with artist image dated 1980 file TR311.jpg
TYWRM:TR312Talyllyn Railwayadvertising posterTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society poster "Share our railway adventure" file TR312.jpg
TYWRM:TR313Talyllyn Railwayadvertising posterTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society poster blank file TR313.jpg
TYWRM:TR314Talyllyn Railwaytimetable posterTalyllyn Railway timetable poster for 1971 file TR314.jpg
TYWRM:TR315Talyllyn RailwayleafletTri-fold A5 leaflet 'All about the Talyllyn Railway' containing facts about the railway c1973 file TR315.jpg
TYWRM:TR316Talyllyn RailwaybadgeLapel badges of locomotive no.1 and locomotive no.3 file TR316.jpg
TYWRM:TR317Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway card pocket timetable for 1963 file TR317.jpg
TYWRM:TR318Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway card pocket timetable for 1974 file TR318.jpg
TYWRM:TR319Talyllyn RailwaybookletTalyllyn Railway fares booklet for 2004 file TR319.jpg
TYWRM:TR320Talyllyn RailwaybookletTalyllyn Railway fares booklet for 2005 file TR320.jpg
TYWRM:TR321Talyllyn RailwaybookletTalyllyn Railway working timetable booklet for 2004 file TR321.jpg
TYWRM:TR322Talyllyn RailwaybookletTalyllyn Railway working timetable booklet for 2005 file TR322.jpg
TYWRM:TR323Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway Conditions of Issue of Tickets leaflet September 1976 file TR323.jpg
TYWRM:TR324Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway leaflet advertising an Evening Out from Borth and Aberystwyth 1982 file TR324.jpg
TYWRM:TR325Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway leaflet commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Coronation in 2013 file TR325.jpg
TYWRM:TR326Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway leaflet commemorating the 60th anniversary of the last train pre-preservation file TR326.jpg
TYWRM:TR327Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway and TR Preservation Society information and membership leaflet with 1965 sticker attached file TR327.jpg
TYWRM:TR328Talyllyn RailwaybookletTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society rules with staple added AGM amendment dated 1955 file TR328.jpg
TYWRM:TR329Talyllyn RailwaybookletTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society Constitution and Rules dated October 1966 file TR329.jpg
TYWRM:TR330Talyllyn RailwaycertificateTalyllyn Holdings Ltd loan certificate 0100 dated 1st March 1980. Loan was to purchase a Volunteer Hostel for the TR. file TR330.jpg
TYWRM:TR331Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society membership leaflet c1952 file TR331.jpg
TYWRM:TR332Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society membership leaflet c1953 file TR332.jpg
TYWRM:TR333Talyllyn Railwayrailway letterTalyllyn Railway first day cover for the 100th anniversary of locomotive No.6 21.02.2018 file TR333.jpg
TYWRM:TR334Talyllyn RailwayplaqueTalyllyn Railway plaque in memory of Hugh Jones carried on locomotive No.6 for many years file TR334.jpg
TYWRM:TR335Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway timetable poster for July 3rd 1939 file TR335.jpg
TYWRM:TR336Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway Special Train notice with details of the Whit Monday service with hand annotation in black and red ink. Dated 1940s file TR336.jpg
TYWRM:TR337Talyllyn RailwaytransferTalyllyn Railway coat of arms transfer as applied to the rolling stock. file TR337.jpg
TYWRM:TR338Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway timetable for 1952 in frame file TR338.jpg
TYWRM:TR339Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway timetable for the Vintage train 1992 in frame file TR339.jpg
TYWRM:TR340Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway timetable poster for 1955 file TR340.jpg
TYWRM:TR341Talyllyn RailwayplanBrown Marshall plan of Talyllyn Railway No.5 Brake Van dated 1866 - 1in to 1ft scale file TR341.jpg
TYWRM:TR342Talyllyn RailwayplanTalyllyn Railway gradient profile dated 1959 file TR342.jpg
TYWRM:TR343Talyllyn RailwaydocumentTalyllyn Light Railway Order 1972 made to allow the building of the Nant Gwernol Extension. file TR343.jpg
TYWRM:TR344Talyllyn RailwaybookletTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society Constitution and Rules dated October 2006 file TR344.jpg
TYWRM:TR345Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society Membership Leaflet c1960 file TR345.jpg
TYWRM:TR346Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society reprint of an article by L.T.C.Rolt in "Out of Doors" magazine 1955 file TR346.jpg
TYWRM:TR347Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway reprint of an article by L.T.C.Rolt in "Railway World" magazine 1960 file TR347.jpg
TYWRM:TR348Talyllyn RailwaycalendarTalyllyn Railway hanging calendar for 1972 file TR348.jpg
TYWRM:TR349Talyllyn Railwaybooklet"Sixty Years of the First Preserved Railway" published 2011 file TR349.jpg
TYWRM:TR350Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway timetable poster for 1952 file TR350.jpg
TYWRM:TR351Talyllyn RailwayleafletTalyllyn Railway leaflet for the Quarryman train including history of the railway and children's quiz. file TR351.jpg
TYWRM:TR352Talyllyn RailwayleafletOrder of Service making 60th Anniversary of the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society 16 July 2011 file TR352.jpg
TYWRM:TR353Talyllyn Railwaytea towelTalyllyn Railway souvenir tea towel with Lowca engine printed by Laura Ashley in the 1950s. This dates to the start of the Laura Ashley firm with the towels hand-printed in her garage. file TR353.jpg
TYWRM:TR354Talyllyn RailwayheadboardTalyllyn Railway headboard carried by locomotives to mark the railway's 150 years. file TR354.jpg
TYWRM:TR355Talyllyn RailwayheadboardTalyllyn Railway headboard carried by Talyllyn locomotive No2 Dolgoch to mark its 150 years. file TR355.jpg
TYWRM:TR356Talyllyn RailwaybookTalyllyn Railway Visitor Guide book for 2006 file TR356.jpg
TYWRM:TR357Talyllyn RailwaybookletTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society Constitution and Rules dated October 1973 file TR357.jpg
TYWRM:TR358Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway timetable for 1949 file TR358.jpg
TYWRM:TR359Talyllyn RailwaypatternTalyllyn Railway nameplate foundry pattern for Merseysider (letter M missing) file TR359.jpg
TYWRM:TR360Talyllyn RailwayheadboardTalyllyn Railway cast aluminium headboard for "Rolt Explorer" file TR360.jpg
TYWRM:TR361Talyllyn RailwaytimetableTalyllyn Railway card pocket timetable for 1973 file TR361.jpg

Pre-History and the McConnells

The history of the Talyllyn Railway is inextricably tied up with the history of Bryn Eglwys slate quarry. All but invisible from the main valley road, and from the present-day terminus of the Talyllyn Railway at Nant Gwernol, the quarry once employed 300 men and in its time produced 300,000 tons of slate and slabs.

Cantrybedd level in Bryn Eglwys quarry, viewed from near the top of Beudynewydd incline

Bryn Eglwys lies on the same veins of slate as the quarries further east around Corris and Aberllefenni. Slate was first quarried at Bryn Eglwys in the 1840s, by John Pughe of Aberdyfi, the end product being carried to Aberdyfi by pack animals or on carts or sledges for onward shipment by sea.

Curiously, the American Civil War was the real impetus for the construction of a railway to serve the quarry. The Aberdovey Slate Company Limited was formed in 1864 by William McConnell to lease the quarry and open it up on a large scale. McConnell was the owner of a Manchester cotton mill and wished to diversify his interests because of the shortage of raw cotton due to the war in America.

Initially the plan was to build a railway from Bryn Eglwys to Aberdyfi, however the construction of the standard-gauge Aberystwyth and Welsh Coast Railway meant that only the section as far as Towyn (as it was then known) was required. Powers to construct a railway from Tywyn to Abergynolwyn, plus a short connecting line at Tywyn which was never built, were obtained in 1865 when Parliament passed the Talyllyn Railway Act. It appears that the railway was in fact already under construction by this time, parliamentary approval being sought as an afterthought to allow the running of passenger services. The reason for the line’s name is unclear; Talyllyn Lake is a full 3 1/4 miles from Abergynolwyn, and there has never been any serious intention to extend to this well-known beauty spot. A possible explanation is that the railway would terminate in the parish of Talyllyn.

The engineer was James Swinton Spooner, elder brother of Charles Easton Spooner who had built the Festiniog Railway. Compared to the Festiniog, the Talyllyn was straightforward to build with few earthworks required and a comparatively easy ruling gradient of 1 in 60. Whilst the statutory railway finished just east of the station at Abergynolwyn, the tracks continued over private land into the valley of the Nant Gwernol; passenger trains never (officially) travelled over this “Mineral Extension”.

The old watering-point at Ty Dwr, on the mineral extension above Abergynolwyn.
The original loco shed was located behind the left-hand slate column

Beyond what is now Nant Gwernol station, the line continued into the hills by a series of rope-worked inclines on which the loaded wagons coming down the hill pulled the empty wagons back up. At Nant Gwernol the line is 270 feet above sea level; the quarries are at almost 700 ft. Beyond the first (Alltwyllt) incline was the half-mile long Galltymoelfre tramway, worked by horses, then the Cantrybedd incline lifted the tracks further to the lowest level of the quarry and eventually, via Beudynewydd incline and a further horse-worked tramway the line reached the main quarry buildings.

Once construction of the line was complete, it was inspected by Captain Henry Tyler of the Board of Trade; his report is dated 25th September 1866. He was unhappy on a number of counts, particularly with the narrow width of the over-bridges which did not leave enough clearance either side of the carriage. This was overcome, resourcefully, by permanently fastening the doors and barring the windows on the side away from the platform, and slewing the track under the bridges. Today bars have gone and the track takes the middle course under the bridges, but the carriages still only have doors on one side. Captain Tyler reported on his reinspection on 8th November and official blessing was given on the 11th for the railway to open. However, an unofficial passenger service appears to have been operating since 1st October.

Loco No. 1 “Talyllyn” at Abergynolwyn on a down train, in August 1935

The rolling stock consisted of two steam locomotives, both built by Fletcher Jennings of Whitehaven but of very different designs; four four-wheeled passenger carriages, three by Brown Marshalls and one by the Lancaster Carriage and Wagon Company; one guard’s van by Brown Marshalls; and a reasonable variety of wagons of various sorts (mainly slate wagons). This stock was to suffice until the early 1950s.

The railway never really flourished. By 1879 the quarry had exhausted its funds, and both quarry and railway were offered at auction on 9th October. No buyer was found, nor was one forthcoming at a second auction in March 1881, after which the property was bought personally by William McConnell for £18000. With the company’s finances improved, the quarry expanded again, with a large new mill on Cantrybedd level and new underground levels and chambers. William McConnell died in 1902 and the business was taken over by his son, W.H. McConnell. But with the leases on the land running out, there was little incentive to invest and on 17th December 1909 the men were told that the quarry was to close the next day. The remaining stocks were sent down the railway, and the machinery began to be dismantled.

The Haydn Jones era

In 1911, however, the recently elected Liberal MP for Merionethshire, Mr. Henry Haydn Jones, bought the railway, quarry and Abergynolwyn village, formed the Abergynolwyn Slate & Slab Co. Ltd. to operate the quarry, and negotiated new leases with the landowners. There was a brief resurgence in business after the First World War, but sales dropped thereafter and the quarry remained open only by cutting away at the pillars separating the underground chambers, a cheap alternative to opening up new chambers and levels. Relations between Haydn Jones and the quarrymen were occasionally strained, and at times the quarry closed for considerable periods or worked only a three-day week.

The grouping of the main-line railways under the 1921 Railways Act passed the Talyllyn by, the adjoining Cambrian Railways line becoming part of the Great Western Railway. Holiday traffic in the summer increased after the First World War, with slate wagons fitted with makeshift wooden seats added to the rear of trains to increase the passenger capacity. With no springs, these provided a bumpy but well-ventilated ride. At times, trains would be run in two portions, running (quite illegally) a short distance apart.

Loco No. 1 taking water at Dolgoch station in August 1935

Death and Rebirth

Haydn Jones’ leases on the quarry land expired in 1941, though he continued with an annual tenancy. The quarry finally closed following a serious collapse on Boxing Day 1946, the inevitable result of years of “pillaring”. After the remaining slate had been brought down, the quarry lay abandoned for several years before the equipment was scrapped. All the buildings on the site have now been demolished, for safety reasons. Visitors should note that Bryn Eglwys quarry is a potentially dangerous place, in particular in the areas of the 1946 collapse and subsequent rock falls, and extreme care must be exercised at all times. Much of the quarry lies on private land.

Despite the decline of Bryneglwys, the Talyllyn Railway soldiered on though becoming more and more decrepit. Sir Haydn had promised that it would continue to operate as long as he was alive, and operate it did although latterly “Talyllyn” was laid off with a very worn boiler and a cracked valve chest, and “Dolgoch” carried on alone after overhaul in Shrewsbury.

No. 2 at Quarry Siding on a down train, probably in the late 1940s

By this time the service had been reduced to two trains three days a week, in the summer only. The Talyllyn somehow escaped the nationalisation of railways in 1948, as officialdom thought it too run-down, and the level of traffic too low, to be worth taking over. Derailments were increasingly common and the railway’s decline accelerated, culminating in August 1949 with Dolgoch cracking its main frames; this was repaired by welding. Sir Haydn died on 2nd July 1950, and whilst his widow kept the line going until the end of the summer season on 6th October, it then appeared that the railway had closed for good.

But fortunately it was not to be. A group of enthusiasts, led by the engineer and author Tom Rolt, called a public meeting in Birmingham and the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society was formed. Lady Barbara, Sir Haydn Jones’ widow, graciously agreed to let the Society operate the railway, using largely volunteer labour, for a trial period of three years, after which if the experiment was successful the arrangement would become permanent. If the venture failed, Lady Barbara would receive the sum of £1350, which was considered to be the scrap value of the assets. The first passenger trains under Preservation Society auspices ran at the Whit holiday in 1951.

Loco No. 2 at Abergynolwyn in June 1952, after arriving with the afternoon train

There was a tremendous amount of work to be done. The railway was still operating almost entirely with the original equipment supplied in 1864-66, and locomotives, track and carriages were in a perilous state. The first passenger services ran only as far as Rhydyronen while repairs were carried out on the track east of there, and in the summer a daily service of two trains per day recommenced.

It had been recognised that further motive power was urgently needed, and by good fortune the only two steam locomotives in the country of the correct gauge were located nearby at Machynlleth, redundant since the closure in 1948 of the Corris Railway. The asking price of £65 each was more than the society could afford, but after a visit to Swindon British Railways reduced the price to £50 for the pair. The locos retained their Corris numbers, 3 and 4, and were named “Sir Haydn” and “Edward Thomas” respectively. (Edward Thomas, latterly manager, had joined the railway in 1897 and retired in 1950, though after preservation he remained a director of the company until 1967, by which time he was 87. He died in 1972.)

Loco No. 3 at Dolgoch on a trial run in 1951

Another new arrival was an ex-Royal Air Force 0-4-0WT which became No. 6 “Douglas”. It was named after the donor, Mr Douglas Abelson of Abelson & Co. (Engineers) Ltd. After regauging from 2′ to 2’3″ gauge it entered service in 1954. Some work was required before it could start work to lower the track under certain low bridges, as its chimney is taller than any other TR locomotive.

Loco No. 6 “Douglas” being handed over by Douglas Abelson, in 1953

Work on the track was greatly assisted by Territorial Army units which visited the line in 1953 and 1954 and advanced the relaying considerably. Large quantities of second-hand rail were obtained from a variety of industrial sources, and ex-British Rail sleepers were used, sawn in half. The old shale quarry at Quarry Siding was used to provide a rather poor grade of ballast. The last of the wrought iron rail was removed from the main line in 1968, though the work of track maintenance and replacement goes on. (Today Jarrah sleepers from Australia are used, with new or good second hand rails and granite ballast from a nearby quarry.) Another major operation was the repair of a landslip west of Dolgoch, a blocked culvert causing 50 feet of embankment to collapse in November 1957. Whilst temporary repairs to allow trains to pass carefully were completed quickly, it was late 1960 before the job was finished.

In 1957 the BBC visited the railway for live outside broadcasts on two consecutive days. The effect was phenomenal – the number of passengers doubled within two years – but placed a great strain on the railway’s resources. Many more carriages had to be built, and more trains run, to cope. Passenger facilities had to be improved as well. Wharf station was extensively improved in 1964-65 (and subsequently), and a new station building at Abergynolwyn providing waiting and refreshment facilities and a booking office replaced the old waiting shelter in 1969.

The original (south) carriage shed at Pendre, was supplemented by the north carriage shed, built between 1959 and 1964, and the newer west carriage shed which was started in 1972. The north shed also incorporates an annexe to the workshop, and the west shed includes a paint shop at its east end. The loco shed was extended in 1968 by incorporating the former cottage, built originally to accommodate the engine driver.
On to Nant Gwernol

Extension to Nant Gwernol

It had always been hoped to open up the former mineral extension for passenger trains. Solicitor and member George Tibbits started work in 1959 on tracing the landowners and negotiating purchase of the land, accomplishing this in 1964. After this it was necessary to obtain a Light Railway Order authorising the construction and operation of the extension, finally issued in 1972.

Construction work, which began on 3rd October 1970, involved a huge amount of widening cuttings, reducing gradients and easing curves, undertaken by the “Gwerns”, as the volunteers on the extension became known. The excavated material was used to widen the formation west of Abergynolwyn station to provide for the eventual platform extension and re-sited loop. The railway’s 10-RB mechanical excavator “Mr. Rusty” was used latterly to load the rock removed by blasting operations.

As the opening day approached, a final snag was found. An error on the Ordnance Survey maps of the area was found in the vicinity of “Big Bend”, the final sharp curve which brings the line into Nant Gwernol station. To rectify this problem and maintain the desired 300 foot minimum radius, it was necessary to remove nearly half as much rock again as had already been excavated. In the end, the line was opened with a 270 foot radius curve, which has become permanent.

No. 2 at Nant Gwernol having arrived with the opening train on 22nd May 1976

The opening ceremony took place on 22nd May 1976, the first train being hauled by a suitably decorated No. 2 “Dolgoch”. The guest of honour was the well-known television presenter Wynford Vaughan Thomas. In 1980, a footbridge across the Nant Gwernol ravine was opened giving access to the footpath from Abergynolwyn village.

Recent History

The railway has not rested on its laurels since the opening to Nant Gwernol. Maintenance work on track, locos and carriages goes on, and in 1991 the railway’s latest steam loco, No. 7 “Tom Rolt”, was completed. No. 7 was built at Pendre using components from a loco supplied in 1948 by Andrew Barclay to Bord na Mona (the Irish Turf Board). Construction started in 1971, but with a downturn in traffic after 1973 work ground nearly to a halt for some years. By the late 1980s it was clear that No. 6 “Douglas” would soon need a new boiler, and work on No. 7 recommenced. After years of debate, the name “Tom Rolt” was decided upon, commemorating the driving force behind the railway’s preservation. The loco was named on 6th May 1991 by Tom’s widow, Sonia.

Bord na Mona No. 1 (LM43) in Ireland before moving to Tywyn and being rebuilt into Talyllyn Railway No. 7 “Tom Rolt”

Loco 7 ‘Tom Rolt’ at Wharf station

To accommodate passengers in wheelchairs carriage No. 7 (originally an open carriage from the Penrhyn Quarry Railway, later rebuilt as a tea van before the new Abergynolwyn station was built) was rebuilt as a four-wheeled saloon with wide double doors, all-round glazing, and tip-up seating. It entered service in 1991, and has been followed by the conversion of bogie carriages Nos. 20 and 21 to incorporate a wheelchair saloon at the eastern end.

Safety is of course paramount on a railway such as the Talyllyn. The railway had for many years been exempted from those provisions of the Regulation of Railways Act 1889 which required the provision of continuous automatic brakes, but in recent years air brakes have been fitted to the carriages and air compressors to the locos. Much of the equipment was obtained through contacts with the 2′ 6″ gauge Puffing Billy Railway in Australia, with which a formal twinning arrangement was made in 1992.

In 2001 the railway celebrated 50 years of operation under the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society with a host of special events. It is sobering to consider that the railway has now spent more than a third of its existence under preservation and 2011 marked the sixtieth year since the first train operated by a Preservation Society on 14 May 1951.

Organisational Structure

The railway’s organisational structure is somewhat complicated . The railway itself is owned and run by the Talyllyn Railway Company (the original 1865 company) although most operating staff are volunteers, members of the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society. All the shares in the Talyllyn Railway Company are held by Talyllyn Holdings Limited, a company limited by guarantee which has gained charitable status (Registered No. 1089053). The Council of the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society appoints four directors (including the chairman) to the board of the Holdings company, and the family of Sir Henry Haydn Jones (the late owner of the line) appoint two directors. These directors, with the exception of one of the society-appointed directors, also form the board of the Talyllyn Railway Company.

As well as owning the Railway Company, Talyllyn Holdings Ltd. carries out certain subsidiary functions which the Railway Company cannot legally perform because of the terms of its Act of Parliament. In general, matters of strategy and policy are decided by the TRPS Council, but the TR Co. Board is responsible for the safe running of the line.

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