2022 Temporary Exhibitions

This exhibition marks the effective end of peat harvesting operations on the truly remarkable Bord na Mona network in Ireland, the largest narrow gauge industrial railway ever to operate in the British Isles. These lines, and the power stations that they served, are closing in response to the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In the wake of the COP26 Conference in Glasgow in November 2021, the need to minimise global warming is widely understood.

The exhibition also tells the story of the former Bord na Mona steam locomotives and, in particular, No. LM43 which in rebuilt form, now operates on the Talyllyn Railway as locomotive No.7 “Tom Rolt”.

We are also able to introduce some of the narrow gauge peat railways which used to operate in England and Scotland. The display acknowledges the several people who have kindly provided information and photographs to make this exhibition possible.

Finally, this exhibition also acknowledges the dependence of the “Heritage Railway Industry” on coal and other fossil fuels and sets out some of the challenges currently being faced and the steps that are being taken to offset and reduce the impact.