Bord na Mona

Gauge: 3ft (915mm)

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Bord na Móna has one of the largest industrial railways in Europe. Permanent railways run from the peat bogs to power stations, briquette factories, moss peat factories and roadside tipplers. In 1949 three steam locomotives were obtained from Andrew Barclay Sons & Co Ltd.  Designed to burn peat, these were intensively used for 5 years.  After 15 years in store, they were disposed of in 1969 and all three have been preserved in one form or another.  No. 2263 (Bord na Mona No.1, later LM43) became the basis of the Talyllyn Railway No 7 with the boiler, driving wheels, cylinders and some other parts being used to construct what was in effect a new locomotive.

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