Hendre Ddu Tramway

Gauge 1ft 11½in (600mm)


Collection Objects

NumberRailwayObject TypeDescriptionImage
TYWRM:HD001Hendre Ddu TramwaysleeperPressed steel 'Jubilee' sleeper; 2 ft. gauge from a Forestry Commission line at Gartheiniog Slate Mill. The Commission purchased the mill in 1947 after the Hendre Ddu Tramway had closed and laid a 2ft gauge line on the site. file HD001.jpg
TYWRM:HD002Hendre Ddu TramwayrailPair of short bridge rails from the Hendre Ddu tramway file HD002.jpg
TYWRM:HD003Hendre Ddu TramwayaxleWagon axle; bearing and damaged wheel from the Hendre Ddu tramway file HD003.jpg

Hendre Ddu slate quarry opened in the 1850s, and in 1864 the Hendre Ddu Slate and Slab Co. was established. The Company specialised in slate slabs for billiard table beds.

The standard gauge Mawddwy Railway, opened in 1867 connected the Cambrian Railway at Cemmaes Road to Dinas Mawddwy, passing through the small village of Aberangell. The Hendre Ddu Tramway was built to carry slate from the quarry down to Aberangell station. Several other quarries had branches and spurs onto the Tramway, as well as a brickworks, a sawmill and several local farms.  The Hendre Ddu Tramway itself was converted into a road during the second world war.

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