Fletcher Jennings Exhibition

To mark the 150th anniversary of Talyllyn Railway locomotive No.2 “Dolgoch”, and the arrival of “William Finlay” at Tywyn, a temporary exhibition about Fletcher Jennings & Co. of Whitehaven was held.  This included information on the last nine remaining Fletcher Jennings locomotives, “Talyllyn” and “Dolgoch” on the Talyllyn Railway, “William Finlay” in the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum, sister engine “Townsend Hook” at the Amberley Museum, and  “Captain Baxter” on the Bluebell Railway.  The other four engines are overseas, three in Mauritius, and the fourth in Sweden.

Talyllyn Railway locomotive “Talyllyn”


Talyllyn Railway locomotive “Dolgoch”


Swedish Locomotives


Talyllyn’s old motion and Dolgoch’s old chimney. Part of the William Finlay display on the left


Showcase with Talyllyn’s broken motion, Dolgoch’s commemorative shovel and other Fletcher Jennings related items.