Friog Quarry

Gauge: 1ft 11½in (600mm)

The Cambrian Railway which opened in the 1860s was not much used for slate traffic but nevertheless a number of small slate quarries were worked on the south side of the Mawddach estuary in the area of Fairbourne and Arthog. The amount of slate quarried did not make any elaborate form of transport worthwhile.

Goleuwern Slate Quarry is located just inland from Fairbourne, which opened in 1865 but was never successful. Its output was limited, for example 50 tons from four men in 1882, though its elaborate incline arrangements provided a route down to the road for the neighbouring Henddol Quarry, adjacent on the west.

The quarries utilised a lightweight (20lb/yd rails) tramway on site. Simple T sections rails were used but a length of Thomas Hughes type rail was also found there: this is of round section with a hook at each end for fixing into a hole in a cast iron joint chair.

The Goleuwern Quarry closed in 1915.