Jersey Railways and Tramways

Gauge: 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)

The Jersey Railway ran along the south-west coast of the island for 7¾ miles from St Helier to La Corbière. The first section opened in 1870, and the railway closed in 1936.

The Jersey Railway, which ran to the west of the island, opened as a standard gauge line in 1870 between St Helier and St Aubin. The Jersey Railways Company Limited was formed in 1883 and converted the line to 3ft 6in narrow gauge, reopening in 1884. At the same time, the line was extended to La Corbière.

The Jersey Railway and Tramway Company was formed in 1896 to take over the assets of earlier companies which had gone bankrupt. An intensive service was operated, especially along the seafront line between St Helier and St Aubin with fewer services continuing to La Corbière. In 1925 over one million passengers were carried but, following declining traffic and a disastrous fire in which 16 carriages were destroyed, the line did not reopen for the 1937 summer season.

Number / NameManufacturerTypeNotes
1 St. HeliersManning Wardle No.916 of 18840-4-2STScrapped 1937
2 St. AubinsManning Wardle No.917 of 18840-4-2TScrapped 1937
3 CorbiereW G Bagnall No.1418 of 18930-4-2TScrapped 1937
4 St. BreladesW G Bagnall No.1466 of 18960-4-2TScrapped 1937
5 La MoyeAndrew Barclay No.1105 0f 19070-4-2TSold 1928 to Victoria Falls Power Company, South Africa
Railcar 1 Pioneer No. 1Sentinel No.4863 of 1923Steam Railcar
Railcar 2 Pioneer No. 2 / PorteletSentinel No.5159 of 1924Steam Railcar
Railcar 3 La MoyeSentinel No.5833 of 1925Steam Railcar
Railcar 4 NormandySentinel No.5655 of 1925Steam RailcarEx Jersey Eastern Railway 1930. Converted from standard gauge.