Museum working party 14th Dec 2023

A cool dry morning for the final working party of the year, Allan Black, Andy Sheffield, Max Birchenough, Charles Benedetto and John Olsen were once again working against the clock as the next museum opening date is Saturday 16th Dec.

This morning John had gotten many of the tools out ready and the team got stuck in to putting castors and rubber feet onto another of the grey display plinths. While Allan, Andy and Charles cut and drilled, Max used the hole cutter to make more packing spacers for the feet to match the castors in height. John got an unused LED OPEN sign out of storage to place in the window closest to the cafe door to catch the eyes of passengers on the turkey and tinsel trains and alert them to the presence of the museum. Charles drilled a mounting hole in a spare perspex leaflet holder to hang it at the attendants station beside the vertical rising door; this removes the need to overstuff the other two holders with timetables.

We took our break in the cafe, where we were joined by Lisa Brian, Keith Theobald and David Broadbent for the now customary festive nibbles mulled wine and coffee.

Refreshed, and somewhat over replete, we returned to the museum to finish the plinth job and then tidy everything away before Charles took Henry the Hoover for a spin around the ground floor.

As a final flourish to our working party we all convened in the museum entrance with the door opened up to shout out ‘Nadolig Llawen’ to Frank as he wielded his phone in video mode; the clip will be uploaded to the Welsh Government social media accounts.

Another year of activity closes and we wish you all Nadolig Llawen, a very Happy Christmas and see you in the New Year for more.

Photos by Allan Black and John Olsen