Museum working party 16th Feb 2023

A grey and foggy morning in Tywyn for the unveiling of the wagons after their winter under covers; only Max Birchenough and John Olsen were available this morning, so they had their work cut out for them.

Their first task was to roll wagon no. 146, the covered van, out of the Gunpowder Store so that the other covers could be stowed in the loft space and the sterling boards against the north wall; with this done uncovering proper could commence. The Corris mail waggon had already been uncovered for a school visit on the previous Monday morning, so the next in line was wagon no. 117, the incline wagon. Working along the line each successive wagon had the ropes or straps undone, some more easily than others, and the yellow Hippo bags removed and folded up; followed by removal of the sterling boards that provide an angled run-off surface as the bags are not 100% waterproof. Packing timbers were stored away and all the folded bags taken up into the loftspace in time for the arrival of Andy Sheffield and Ann McCanna who we joined for coffee in the cafe along with Mike Green and Tom Place.

After the much needed caffeine and sugar hit we took on the next part of preparing for half term running; the removal of all the tools in the museum to the Gunpowder Store.

Shuttling back and forth everything was removed and a check made that there were no stray items or hazards left inside the museum. Satisfied that it was safe for our visitors Max and John cleaned the glazing of the vertical rising door and large internal window by the platform entranceway as a visible layer of grime had built up on both.

The mornings activities were closed before the last pair of wagons could be uncovered, as the weather turned from foggy to drizzly rain.

The FR all metal slate wagon and quarry slate waste tipper wagon were uncovered by John on Friday morning so that all the wagons are on display for the half term holiday.

Photos by John Olsen