Museum working party 16th Mar 2023

The weather has turned distinctly wet for the month of March and the team of Max Birchenough, Pete Thomas, Allan Black, Charles Benedetto and John Olsen gathered under the protection of the canopy at Wharf to watch the mornings entertainment; spin the loco. While the rail ramp was being built up, and during a break in the rain, Pete, Charles and John re-united wagon no. 117, the splayside, with its freshly painted door, ready for the photo charter next week. Then we all watched as No. 3 was pushed up onto the low loader ready for its pirouette, after the rail ramp was first dismantled.

Going into the museum we broke out brushes and dusters for half of us to clean whilst the others shifted the cast iron rails and slate sleeper out of the big window beside the platform entrance door, to allow the shelf to be scrubbed clean. Leaving this to dry we went into the cafe for our morning coffee together with Keith Theobald, Ann McCanna and Tom Place. Our morning caffeine, chat and chocolate biscuit ration was greatly enhanced by a free platter of sandwiches and other nibbles from the cafe staff.

Fortified we returned to our shifting and cleaning duties, washing down the vertical rising door, giving Rough Pup a thorough clean with the aid of Henry and restoring the oval rail display in a new layout, ready for the weekend opening.

Photos by Allan Black and John Olsen