Museum working party 19th May 2022

Another fine dry morning in Tywyn, but wagon no. 146 was absent from Wharf yard. Having been taken to Pendre for an inspection over the pit, and given a conditional clearance to be used on the line, it was parked on the ash road and did not return to Wharf. In consequence Charles Benedetto and John Olsen turned their attention to the Corris Mail wagon, which had a report of rot in the south west corner dumb buffer. On removing the iron reinforcing strap it was discovered that the rot had penetrated both the headstock and the solebar at the joint. A third opinion from museum Trustee Malcolm Phillips was sought and the wagon frame unanimously condemned as unfit; therefore the Corris Mail wagon will not be allowed to be used for any photo charters or other events until it has been overhauled and the frame completely replaced.

Our attention then turned to the FR steel bodied slate wagon that had been shot blasted and primed some weeks ago, then partially painted with black bitumenous paint and covered over while we worked on no. 146. To make painting the undersides of the steelwork easier the frame was lifted onto additional packing timbers with the kind assistance of Chris Parrott. We took our coffee break out on the platform in the company of Malcolm, Chris and Mike Green.

Post coffee, painting commenced in earnest and continued until the frame was painted all over; there are still unpainted areas lurking in the darker corners which will be attended to in due course when there are sufficient hands to safely turn the frame onto its side. To allow the paint to fully cure the frame has been left uncovered for the moment.

Photos by John Olsen