Museum working party 24th Nov 2022

The forecast today was for showers, some heavy, so the team convened inside the museum this morning.

David Broadbent, Charles Benedetto, Allan Black, Pete Thomas and John Olsen divvied up the ‘dry’ jobs, David applying the first gloss coat of paint to the long wooden slats for wagon no. 136 (when some lights were hung up for him to see by as one light circuit failed this morning), Allan sanded down and painted the piece of edging for the protection triangle behind George Henry, Charles began to cut reclaimed MDF sheeting for the host wagon slate support, Pete undertook the fitting of castors to the diesel interactive (after it had been extracted and up ended by Allan and John) and John measured up to shorten the trunking on the speakers under William Finlay (so they sit neatly under the rear buffer beam).

Coffee was taken in the cafe for obvious reasons, it was blowing a gale outside, in the company of Mike Green and Keith Theobald; this morning we were supplied with Christmas mini mince pie/fruit cake hybrids by Sue Benedetto, thank you Sue they were scrumptious. As we ate, drank and made conversation, a truly epic squall hammered Tywyn for a good 10 minutes, intense driving rain overwhelming the building gutters and soaking anything or one outside.

Returning to the dry of the museum Allan moved the post supporting the selection button panel for the video unit under the stair landing so it can still be reached when the new safety edging is installed. Charles continued to cut the MDF and battens for the slate support inside the display slate wagon on the host wagon. David completed the gloss painting of the long slats and Pete completed attaching castors to the diesel interactive, whereupon Allan and John righted it and slotted it back into position; it still requires a safety bracket to prevent it being moved but this needs to be purchased. John cut a piece of perspex to fit under the buffer beam of William Finlay which will prevent little fingers getting to the electrics located there and scouted the routing of a second extension lead under William as the current lead has insufficient sockets for all the displays, lights, sound units and donation point.

Photos by John Olsen