Museum working party 25th Aug 2022

A sunny dry morning greeted the full gang of David Broadbent, Allan Black, Max Birchenough, Charles Benedetto, Andy Sheffield and John Olsen. Allan had brought along his large capacity power drill for the drilling of the fixing holes for the axleboxes on wagon no. 136, using the set of wood augur bits the museum possesses.

With two spotters to set up the true vertical for him Allan embarked on the vertical holes first. David and John brought out the drawbar and eight extra long bolts and bobbins ready for a coat of Hammerite black paint. With the vertical holes cut and the drawbar painted a halt was called for our morning coffee and chat on the platform in the warm summer sunshine. This morning we were belatedly joined by Mike Green as Keith was conducting a tour in the museum.

Back on the work site the augur bit was changed for a smaller diameter one to drill out the horizontal fixing holes using the same levelling principles of two spotters. John re-assembled the dumb buffers on the Corris Mail Waggon, fixing the packing pieces with decking screws before gently tapping the metal surrounds into place and inserting the brass fixing screws.

Max and John re-hung the end door on the Corris Mail Waggon to complete the cosmetic facelift and then did the same for the incline wagon door. David completed the first coat of Hammerite on the extra long bolts that will hold the three wooden slats in place on no. 136 and had made a start on the bobbins before time was called.

Allan had also brought a special bit to open out the holes for the three tiebars to the diameter of the rods, finishing off with the 20mm augur bit. All the holes were successfully tested with axleboxes and tie bars to ensure we had done a good job and the wagon cover was put back on now that rain is back in the forecasts.

Photos by John Olsen