Museum working party 26th Jan 2023

A bright clear morning in Wharf yard spurred the team to get some work done on the heritage wagons today. Allan Black, Pete Thomas, Charles Benedetto and John Olsen took the cover off the new frame for wagon no. 136, laid out the long slats on trestles and brought the end door of wagon no. 117 out from the Gunpowder Store for painting. John returned to the museum to cut and attach a mounting post to the new milestone stand while the trio painted in the sun.

Max Birchenough, Gerald Gudgins, Ann McCanna, Tom Place and Andy Sheffield joined us at coffee time in the cafe for our morning refreshments and chatter.

Post coffee Pete and Allan cut and fitted the top of the new mounting post and attached a perspex display text holder. Max applied masking tape around the library shelves and then painted them and the surrounds in white. The new mounting boards, for the Centennial and Sesquicentennial headboards, that were fitted to a beam last week were demounted by John for Gerald to sand down and paint with white emulsion while Charles finished the painting job outside.

Pictures by John Olsen