Museum working party 27th Jul 2023

The cloud base hovered low over Tywyn this morning, but the wet stuff had gone inland so that work could proceed in the yard. This morning Allan Black, Charles Benedetto, Pete Thomas and John Olsen were joined by Oliver Jenkins, who having tried out being a museum attendant also volunteered to get his hands dirty on the working party.

The first order of the day was to move all the tools and sundry boxes of bits out of the Gunpowder Store so that we could bring the metal basket of the ex GWR steel bodied slate wagon inside for the next two coats of paint; thus weather proofing at least this job. This was duly achieved and then a sleeper crib was made up to support the basket off the floor at a more comfortable working height. The Penrhyn point lever, that has been getting under our feet for months now, was moved to the inside of the covered wagon, no. 146, for safe keeping, along with the four lower bearing housings from the ex GWR slate wagon.

The new frame for the Corris Mail Waggon was moved a few feet to give easier access all round and Allan, Pete and Oliver started work on adjusting the rebates to allow the drawbar to slot in place. Allan and Pete then continued by cutting new rebates to allow the drawhooks free movement on the slightly shorter drawbar, while Oliver got down and dirty knocking old paint and rust off the Corris wheel sets. Charles began to apply the first of two coats of metal paint to the basket and John sanded the top half of Gunpowder Store door leaf which was suffering from exposure to the Tywyn weather.

With the first train waved away, Ann McCanna arrived to collect our coffee and tea order and we downed tools for our break in the company of Malcolm Phillips and Mike Green.

Back at the work site Pete had to leave early leaving Allan to complete both draw hook rebates, Oliver knocked off more rust, Charles completed three sides of the metal basket and John painted the newly exposed wood with white primer. At the end of the morning all the tools were returned to the Store and the wagon cover put over the Corris frame to leave the worksite safe and tidy.

Photos by John Olsen