Museum working party 27th Oct 2022

A dry morning in Tywyn, despite the looming clouds, and a full team to work on our wagons. Allan Black, Pete Thomas, Max Birchenough, David Broadbent, Andy Sheffield, Charles Benedetto and John Olsen lifted the cover off no. 136 and brought out the wooden slats. The hole cutting blades were still in transit so the wagon floor plate acted as a giant work bench for Charles and Andy put together a pair of oversize draught excluders for the Gunpowder Store doors; the doors have a gaping 3cm gap that allows vermin, leaves and wind driven rain to enter unhindered, which doesn’t help in conserving the items inside.

Max continued cleaning up the axleboxes for no. 136 while Allan painted the axlebox covers of the FR steel bodied slate wagon with red oxide primer. Pete ‘translated’ the marker pen hole identification codes into something more permanent by attaching labelled copper tags that John had prepared off site. These will guide the correct assembly of the slats when all the marker pen letters have been painted over. David formed a mini production line with Pete by painting the slats as they were tagged. John was kept busy setting everyone up with jobs before he could remove a bit of rust from the door of no. 117, the incline wagon.

Coffee was called mid morning and we were joined by Mike Green for our chocolate biscuits coffee and chat.

Post refreshments we returned to our jobs where Pete finished tagging and joined David in painting the slats. Andy and Charles adjusted the level of the ground outside the Gunpowder Store to assist the opening and closing of the doors, which now have a functional weather guard. The tools and brushes were packed away and the newly painted slats, axleboxes, and covers safely stored away ready for next week.

Photos by John Olsen