Museum working party 9th June 2022

The grey skies proved to be an accurate forecast of this mornings weather in Tywyn. Charles Benedetto and John Olsen had not long uncovered the splayside wagon and setup the power supply to the two angle grinders when the first heavy raindrops began to fall. The wagon was covered over again and an early coffee taken to see if it would dry up; it did not, but we enjoyed the company of Ann McCanna and Mike Green with our coffee and biscuits while we waited.

With rain still falling it was time for plan B, which entailed measuring up for a new piece of timber to replace the rotted end of the dumb buffer on the Corris Mail Wagon and beginning to cut it to size. While Charles was engaged on this job, John measured up for new mounting brackets in the museum and sourced suitable lengths of wood from our stock in the north wall storage area and then cleaning off the old wood glue and MDF before cutting each piece to length.

The morning wound up with the rain still persisting but some progress made on the new part for the Corris Wagon and the brackets.

Photo by John Olsen