Briton Ferry Iron Works

Gauge: 2ft 4½in (724mm)

Briton Ferry Iron Works, located in South Wales, opened in 1846, closing in 1958

The Briton Ferry Iron Works was established in 1846 by Joel Lean, Joseph Davey and George Davey, and was based at a large site by the River Neath. The first mills were started in May 1847, and the first blast furnace built in 1854. Between 1866 and 1882, Messrs Townsend Wood and Company ran the Works with George Henry Davey (son of co-founder George Davey) as manager, until the company failed and the Works was closed down. George Henry Davey started the Works up again, but stopped in 1886. In 1889, a Limited Company was formed to take over the Works. The Briton Ferry Works Ltd. saw George Henry Davey as chairman, with M. G. Roberts, D. T. Sims and H. F. Taylor as directors. Robert Roberts was made the manager and secretary, and a large portion of the collection has come from him. George Henry Davey died in 1911, and in 1918 the company was bought by EP&W Baldwin Limited, later Guest Keen Baldwins Iron and Steel Co. In 1958, the Works were closed for good.

Text from West Glamorgan Archive Service

Locomotive plates within the collection

Number / NameManufacturerTypeNotes
The DollW.G.Bagnall No.1737 of 19050-4-0ST
B.F.W. No. 5W.G.Bagnall No.2062 of 19170-4-0ST