New Survey

We value feedback from our visitors to help us improve our museum.  We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to answer the questions below. No identifiable personal data is collected.

If you have any specific questions or comments which you would like us to respond to, please feel free to contact us at


    1. About You

    1.1. Where is your home address?

                1.1.1. If other, please specify country

    1.2. Where did you travel from on the day to visit the museum?

    1.3. Number of people in your party?


    Young people under 18:

    Children under 5:             

    1.4. Does anybody in your party suffer from a disability?


    2. About your visit

    2.1. Date of your visit

    2.2. How long did you spend in the museum?

    2.3. Did you meet the attendant on duty?


                2.3.1. If yes, did you ask any questions?


                2.3.2. If yes, did you find the answers you obtained helpful?


    2.4 Did you take part in any activities, such as quizzes, jigsaws, etc?


                2.4.1. If yes, please specify

    2.5. Did you come for a special event? If so please describe

    2.6. Please rate your visit on a scale of 1 (very poor 🙁 ) to 5 (excellent 🙂 )

                2.6.1. Finding the museum

    🙁12345 🙂

                2.6.2. Ease of access

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                2.6.3. Quality of information

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                2.6.4. Opening hours

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                2.6.5. General Enjoyment

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    3. What was the most memorable thing you saw in the museum?

    4. Any other observations you wish to make?

    5. The museum is managed and operated by volunteers and is independent from the Talyllyn Railway.

    When were you aware of this?