Snaefell Mountain Railway

Gauge: 3ft 6in (1.06m)

The Snaefell Mountain Railway is a 5½ mile, double track electric railway which runs from Laxey in the Isle of Man to the summit of Snaefell, the highest mountain in the island. Opened in 1895, it is of a wider gauge than the most of the other island railways, to allow for a centre Fell Rail braking system.

The Snaefell Mountain Railway was originally conceived as a steam-operated railway using the Fell centre rail for both propulsion and braking, and the scheme was approved by Tynwald in 1888 but not built. In 1895, the Snaefell Mountain Railway Association revived the plans, and adopted the route of the earlier survey. However, the railway was redesigned for electric traction with the Fell system used only for braking. The line was constructed very quickly, opening on 20 August 1895.

In December 1895, the Snaefell Mountain Railway Association sold the line to the Isle of Man Tramways & Electric Power Co. Ltd, which also owned the Manx Electric Railway. The IoMT&EP went into liquidation in 1900, and the Snaefell Mountain Railway together with the Manx Electric Railway were sold by the liquidator to the newly-formed Manx Electric Railway Co. Ltd, which took over in 1902.

The railway has six powered tramcars built in 1895 for the opening.