Museum working party 10th Mar 2022

The morning started dry so that Andy Sheffield, Max Birchenough, Charles Benedetto and John Olsen could shunt the heritage wagons to bring the incline wagon close to the Gunpowder Store for ongoing work in the near future. The shunting also returned the Corris Mail Waggon to its normal location on the weighbridge, as it is not anticipated that it will need to be moved when the Gunpowder Store roof works begin.

The roof strap for wagon no. 146 was drilled with 14mm holes where we marked them by Pendre, many thanks to those involved. Our thanks too to Keith for conveying the strap to and from Pendre works in his van.

The Ffestiniog steel bodied slate wagon was dismantled into three parts on Monday and conveyed by Bobcat to the shotblasting site around the curve in Wharf Yard; our thanks to Steve Thorpe for driving the Bobcat.

Thanks are also due to Tony McIlwrick and Bob Denton who repainted the weighbridge mechanism and weights during Outdoor Week when rain shutdown their outside activity.

The rain intervened whilst we were having our coffee break with Keith Theobald, Frank Nolan, David and Mandy Broadbent and Mike Green. David reported on finding correspondence between the Rev Awdry and Sarah Eade in the collection of stamps, covers and papers that he is cataloguing for the museum as a home project; we hope to accession these to boost our Awdry collection.

The team used the remaining time to clean the large glass panel, the glazing around William Finlay and the stainless steel balustrade supports, in the entryway of the museum and paint the new handholds in the display plinths with matching grey paint.

Photos by John Olsen